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"If you hadn't already guessed. I'm a bartender and do bartend'y things. Sadly I don't work behind a bar anymore but I offer training, give talks, run a You Tube channel and design and endorse my own bartending equipment." - Tom #BOOMsuperEasy

What else has tom got going on

The Bartender Studiio


The Bartenders Studioi is where you can find Tom filming his You Tube videos and other content.  You can also hiire it out for yourself.  Just get in touch below.

Flair Camp


A week long training event curently in it's 8th year. Bartenders from all over the woirld come together to learn, practice  and improve not only their flair skills but their bartending and Mixologyy Skills too.

European Bartender SChool


Tom is Co-owner  of 5 of the European Bartender Schools.  Those being, London, Paris, Milan, Rome & Cape Town. 

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